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Call me Mr Tiggs

07 March 2018
Call me Mr Tiggs
Mr Tiggs is 11 months old and homed last September.Here is an update from his Servants!

'I thought I would send you a picture of our little monkey Mr Tiggs.  Still adorable, lively, loving, not a lap cat, loves his food and treats.  Completely spoilt.  Sleeps anywhere he wants to, the stairs, the landing, on my head, Richards chest, and when he has had enough sleep, he will relentlessly walk and jump all over you, purr so loudly, you don’t need an alarm clock, then, when you open your eyes, you see his face right next to yours, his eyes wide wide open, his paw on your face and its a respectable 8.30.   Loves to play and tears around the house like a lunatic, nothing quiet about this cat.  His meow varies from, can I go out, to, I am hungry, to purring and talking.   No longer uses the tray inside, but has me opening and shutting the door continuously, now, he opens the door by himself, as he does with all doors inside.  Loves water, often seen in the kitchen sink, now we use the dishwasher only, he has jumped in the bath, when I have been in it, smelled of Badedas for the rest of the day LOL.  Have to keep the loo seat down, he is often seen looking right down the bowl.  He checks out everyone that comes to the house, even if he is fast asleep.  If you have eaten something and he has seen you chewing, in a flash he is beside you insisting on smelling your mouth, often he will have both paws on the side of my cereal bowl, trying to get his whiskers into the bowl.  That’s Mr Tiggs ........ more to come'